Oprah sucks!!

No. 1 reason Oprah won’t appear on Letterman’s show: his jokes were about her
CHICAGO (AP) – Oprah Winfrey doesn’t have a Top 10 list of reasons why she hasn’t appeared on David Letterman’s show recently. She has just two: her two previous appearances.
“Both times I was sort of like the butt of his jokes, ” Winfrey tells Time magazine for its Dec. 15 issue. “I felt completely uncomfortable sitting in that chair, and I vowed I would not ever put myself in that position again.” The Late Show host isn’t shy about making references to Winfrey. He has had stagehands read transcripts of The Oprah Winfrey Show and has made a running gag of his desire to be a guest on the daytime program. For weeks he kept an Oprah Log, recording each day that passed without Winfrey calling.
Winfrey insists she’s not snubbing Letterman and has “a great deal of respect for his talent.”
When Letterman’s girlfriend gave birth to his son last month, Winfrey said she sent Letterman the best baby gift she has ever given: “It was a tub of children’s books.”