Will This Come Before After M*A*S*H?!?

New M*A*S*H?!?!?
“MASH” fanatics will be happy to hear that CBS is sitting on a proposed special called “MASHback.”
The scribe is Gary Markowitz, who has called Larry Gelbart “dad” — “since I was 6 years old.”
The show tells the story from Gelbart’s script for the pilot and continues on to the death of McLean Stevenson’s character Lt. Col. Henry Blake.
This special would be unlike any homage to past vidclassics. It would be cast with new actors in the classic “MASH” roles. (Five of the episodes were written by Markowitz.)
Gelbart has not written any of “MASHback,” but Markowitz, who has interviewed his “father” at great lengths to make this special truly special, allows that it has Gelbart’s “imprimatur” and he’s given CBS an OK to portray him.
The project was initiated by Myra Model, then at CBS. And if it goes forward as a movie, Markowitz says she will be attached as a producer with him