Here’s hoping he gets it!

Peter Jackson Wants THE HOBBIT
LORD OF THE RINGS director Peter Jackson says he definitely wants to direct THE HOBBIT, but it’s in New Line’s court.
Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson told the Australian Web site that he is now interested in helming a movie version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Jackson said that Rings studio New Line Cinema had yet to speak to him about The Hobbit and added there were some difficulties related to the rights for the book.
But, Jackson said, “certainly if they want to talk to me about it, I’d be keen. It would be wonderful to complete the set of films.” The Hobbit, which Tolkien published in 1937 before starting on The Lord of the Rings, is a children’s story about Bilbo Baggins’ first encounter with Gandalf, Gollum and the One Ring.
Lord of the Rings executive producer Mark Ordesky confirmed to the site that “there could be a movie about The Hobbit. Enough said.” Before that, however, Jackson will have to complete work on his upcoming remake of the classic SF movie King Kong.