The Mummy Man might now become the Super Man

Fraser considered for ‘Superman’ role
Brendan Fraser is being considered for the title role in the latest Superman movie, according to
“Yeah, I’ve been approached, and I’m interested,” Fraser told “It’s a possibility.”
Fraser would be the latest in a long line of actors to portray the Man of Steel, based on the popular superhero created more than 60 years ago by Canadian cartoonist Joe Shuster.
Having previously embodied animated characters in “George of the Jungle” and “Dudley Do-Right,” Fraser said the role is something he would have to consider carefully.
“Whoever it is who plays that role is historically forever known as that character,” he said. “He’s a superhero with no mask.”
Tentatively titled “Kal-El: Genesis of Superman,” the movie is currently in pre-production. “Charlie’s Angels” director McG is attached to direct.
Fraser can next be seen co-starring with Jenna Elfman and Bugs Bunny in “Looney Tunes: Back in Action,” in theatres Friday.