Cronenberg Operates on ‘Alias’
LOS ANGELES ( – After Sunday (Nov. 9) night’s “Alias” opened with a gory dream sequence in which Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) extracted miles of bloody tubing from a scar in her stomach, many viewers may have felt like they accidentally wandered into a David Cronenberg movie. Those feelings will be amplified on Sunday, Nov. 30 when the Canadian director makes a rare television acting appearance on the ABC spy drama.
Cronenberg will play Dr. Brezzel, an eccentric doctor enlisted to help Sydney recover the missing memories from the two years she lost during last season’s finale. The procedure is invasive and potentially dangerous and Sydney’s mind proves highly resistant.
Fans of Cronenberg’s films know that the director is a big fan of representations of invasive procedures — surgical, sexual and psychological. The director’s love of putting orifices where they don’t necessarily belong has been on display in films as diversely disturbing as “Crash,” “eXistenZ,” “The Fly,” “Dead Ringers” and “Rabid.”
Cronenberg has won five Genies (Canada’s equivalent of the Oscars) for outstanding director. In what can only be described as one of the strangest ties in awards history, he shared the 1984 prize (earned for “Videodrome”) with Bob Clark for “A Christmas Story.”
In front of the camera, Cronenberg’s record has been a bit spottier. His acting credits include “The Stupids,” “Jason X” and the NBC telefilm “The Judge.”