Menage a trilogies

The Top 10 film series
With The Matrix coming to its inevitable conclusion, it is time to rank the all-time best movie series. You need at least a trilogy to qualify. You won’t find stuff like the original Planet Of The Apes, Batman or Superman here because these series turned so bad after decent starts:
1 The Godfather (a trilogy: 1972-90): The paired originals in Francis Ford Coppola’s sweeping saga are classics. He loses points for the sad III.
2. The Lord Of The Rings (a trilogy: 2001-3): The initial two are brilliant fantasy films. If Return Of The King pans out, then this trilogy could vault to #1.
3. Star Wars (six films, 1977-2005): The original trilogy is terrific, but every time George Lucas returns with a dull prequel, he diminishes the series.
4. James Bond (20 “official” entries so far: 1962-????) Sean Connery is still the definitive British spy. The entire series, while waxing and waning, still adds up.
5. Indiana Jones (a trilogy, 1981-89, another on the way): Steven Spielberg’s original, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, is still fab fun, as is The Last Crusade. Temple Of Doom dragged its butt.
6. The Matrix (a trilogy, 1999-2003): The series ends without any new breakthrough in story or technology but fans should now enjoy a sense of completion.
7. The Thin Man (6 films, 1934-47): The initial verve faded in the series yet wisecracking sleuths William Powell and Myra Loy have enduring appeal.
8. Back To The Future (3 films, 1985-90): Michael J. Fox’s underrated skill at reaction comedy helped make these movies genuinely entertaining.
9. Alien (four films: 1979-97): Aside from scaring the bejesus out of us, the series also significantly established a woman, Sigourney Weaver, as action hero.
10. Scream (a trilogy: 1996-2000): While parodies such as this and Scary Movie inevitably hit the wall, there is something sassy about sending up sacred cinematic cows.