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Tarantino’s Airplane and Sexploitation Dreams
LOS ANGELES ( – Quentin Tarantino would love to stick the casts of his films “Pulp Fiction,” “Jackie Brown” and “Reservoir Dogs” on a plane together.
The filmmaker has been reportedly kicking around the idea of revisiting the classic airplane disaster movies of the 1970s. He admits, however, that the concept remains a joke between him and his “Pulp Fiction” star Samuel L. Jackson for now, according to the website
“[John] Travolta could be the pilot, Pam Grier the stewardess, Robert Forster, Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Bridget Fonda,” he says, “It’d be ‘Airport 2005.'”
Although the idea seems a little far-fetched, it wouldn’t be the first time that the director’s idle musings with an actor led to a fully realized film.
On the set of “Pulp Fiction,” Tarantino and actress Uma Thurman conceived the idea for an assassin-revenge flick. Fast forward to almost a decade later, and “Kill Bill Vol. 1” has graduated from notes on a cocktail napkin to blood-soaked glory on the big screen.
Known for extreme, cartoonish violence in his films, the director nevertheless yearns to try his hand at another genre of films.
“I’d really like to do a kicka** sexploitation flick,” he says. “But if I were to write a real sex film, the actresses would have to be down with it. Like those great trampy actresses from Italy and Germany in the ’70s who were just like, ‘Roll the camera, motherf**ker, here we go.'”
Until that dream is realized, fans will have to content themselves with “Kill Bill,” which has earned over $56 million to date.