McLachlan Thinks Twice About Resurfacing in Music
NEW YORK (Reuters) – After nearly a four year break, Canadian singer and songwriter Sarah McLachlan said she had to think twice about returning to the world of recording and touring to back up her new album, “Afterglow,” released on Tuesday.
“Knowing what it is like to go out and promote a record, especially now that I have a daughter, my priorities have changed — every decision I make is going to affect her — thus the trepidation,” McLachlan told Reuters in an interview.
Not that McLachlan hasn’t been busy since the release of the 1999 record “Mirrorball” and spearheading the popular Lilith Fair tour. Her last album of original material was 1997’s “Surfacing.”
She had a daughter last year with her husband, the drummer in her band, and started a free music school for kids in her adopted home town of Vancouver, Canada.
“As far as so much time in between records, it just sort of happened that way. I toured for three years after my last record with Lilith Fair and my own shows, and I decided to take a break and spend some time at home being normal.”
McLachlan said she will tour in support of “Afterglow,” likely next summer.