Talk-Show Host David Letterman Is Father at 56
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Late-night talk-show host DavidLetterman told his studio audience on Tuesday that he has become a father at the age of 56.
Letterman said during taping of the CBS “Late Show with David Letterman” that his longtime girlfriend, Regina Lasko, had given birth to a boy, Harry Joseph Letterman, just before midnight on Monday.
“First thing I took him home and dangled him over the balcony,” Letterman said, in joking reference to a stunt last year by Michael Jackson, who horrified German fans by holding his baby son out of a hotel window in Berlin.
The Emmy-award winning talk-show host said his 9-pound, 11-ounce baby boy had been named after his own father, who died at the age of 57, adding: “God bless dad and God bless Harry.”
The comedian also worked the birth of his son into one of his trademark routines, the nightly Top Ten List, by marking off the top ten “Reasons I’m Excited to be a Father.”
Those reasons included “There is now tangible evidence I have sex” and “Two words: Swedish nanny.”