I wonder what Rod is actually mad about?!?

Rod Stewart Takes Swipe at McCartney, Sting, Elton
LONDON (Reuters) – Rocker Rod Stewart feels he has been unfairly criticized for dating a younger woman, especially when ex-Beatle Paul McCartney escaped censure despite taking a wife half his age.
Stewart, 58, told on Tuesday that the difference was that McCartney has a knighthood.
He also complained at being passed over for a Grammy award in favor of British rival Sting, calling him “Mr. Serious who helps the Indians,” and nicknamed singer Elton John “Sharon.”
Stewart, whose partner is 32-year-old model Penny Lancaster, was speaking ahead of next month’s formal opening of London musical “Tonight’s the Night,” based round 22 of his chart-topping songs.
“What pisses me off is they never have a go at Paul McCartney for marrying a younger woman … but they kill me because of Penny,” he said.
McCartney, 61, is 26 years older than his wife Heather Mills, the same age difference as between Stewart and Lancaster.
“Perhaps it’s because he’s got a knighthood,” Stewart added. “I don’t know why I haven’t got any honor. I do my bit for charity.”
Stewart, currently riding high in the album charts, complained he had been passed over for America’s Grammy awards in favor of more worthy rivals like Sting.
Elton John, another singer with a knighthood, also earned Stewart’s disapproval for not inviting him to his parties. Dubbing him “Sharon,” Stewart took a swipe at John’s appearance and weight.
“My hair is nice and real and looks it, and hers doesn’t. No, I take that back. He looks good at the moment, but he could lose a bit of timber,” he said.