I don’t mean any disrespect here, but why would they give the money a week before the release of their new CD if they weren’t trying to promote the disc? They might be doing some good, but this “donation” will end up helping them sell more CD’s. That seem

Barenaked Ladies “Give Back” To The Community
Barenaked Ladies (BNL) have not forgotten about the virus that hit their native Canada this past year. The group recently visited Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and contributed more than $66,000 to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) relief. The donated money was raised at one of the group’s summer concerts.
Barenaked Ladies lead singer Steven Page told the Canadian Press, “People in lab coats are the real heroes. During the SARS crisis some of the attention was put on people like the Barenaked Ladies or (actor-comedian) Mike Myers, but these are the people who were dealing with it every day.” Mount Sinai Hospital treated the most Canadian SARS victims during the outbreak.
This is not the first time BNL has come to the support of Canada and the SARS epidemic. The group appeared in a series of commercials that ran across North America aimed at reviving Toronto’s tourism industry.
In related news, the group’s next album, Everything To Everyone, will be released in one week’s time (October 21). Barenaked Ladies begin their North American tour in Boston that same night.