Yet he still hasn’t been arrested…

Phil Spector Might Flee The Country
The New York Daily News reports that legendary ’60s record producer Phil Spector, who was arrested in February on suspicion of killing actress Lana Clarkson at his California mansion, may have plans to flee the U.S. before his October 31 hearing.
Los Angeles law enforcement officials reportedly received a tip from a member of Spector’s camp. A source told the newspaper, “Spector has a private jet. The sheriff’s office has been told that he might use it to take off. The police said they appreciated the information, but that they didn’t have the manpower to keep watch on him 24 hours a day.” Just last week, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge extended Spector’s $1,000,000 bail to the date of his hearing.
Despite the tip, some L.A. officials are not too concerned with Spector leaving the country. Captain Frank Merriman, head of the L.A. sheriff’s homicide bureau, said, “If we felt it was necessary to watch him, we would. I’m not worried about him. If he’s charged, he’ll either turn himself in or he’ll flee. But where’s he’s going to go? Let him run. We’ll catch him.”
In September the L.A. County coroner ruled Clarkson’s death a murder. Spector is the only suspect in the case.
Spector is known for his “Wall Of Sound” production technique that fueled the hits of many ’60s pop acts including the Beatles, the Ronettes and the Shirelles.