I post this article because I think its so cute that she wants to be taken seriously. Hee hee hee!

Spears not ‘some kind of sex thing’
NEW YORK (AP) — Is 21-year-old Spears trying to attract a more mature audience with her upcoming album, In the Zone?
No, the pop singer says. “The record label wanted me to do certain kinds of songs, and I was like, ‘Look, if you want me to be some kind of sex thing, that’s not me,”‘ she tells Esquire magazine in its November issue. “I will never do that. I’m still doing what I love to do.”
Spears appears on the cover in a short white sweater and high heels, re-creating a famous pose by actress Angie Dickinson.
But she doesn’t see herself as super famous. “I’m famous, but I’m not famous like freaking Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston. But in my weird little head, I just think we’re all here to inspire each other. We’re all equal. We just bounce off each other and show the world what we can do.”
Spears said if she didn’t have a career in music, she “probably would have gone to college and become a schoolteacher.
“That was my dream, because I love kids,” she said. “Either that, or an entertainment lawyer.”