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Dido Still Fond Of Eminem, But Doesn’t Keep In Touch
Dido–who’s climbing the charts with “White Flag,” the first single from her new album Life For Rent–still appreciates the break that Eminem gave her by sampling “Thank You” for his 2001 hit “Stan.” But while she continues to have warm feelings for Eminem, Dido told LAUNCH that they don’t keep in close touch.
“We weren’t really sort of phoning each other on a regular basis in the first place,” Dido said. “I saw him, probably, like, a year and a half ago, or something like that. But if he was in the same place. [If] I found out he was in the same hotel, then, you know, I would totally go and say ‘Hi,’ ’cause apart from anything, I really like–not only did I like him, but I really liked all the people he works with. They were so sweet to me.”
Life For Rent, Dido’s follow-up to 1999’s No Angel, comes out September 30.
Dido plans to kick off an extensive world tour in early 2004. The only appearance on her schedule for this year is October 3 at the FleetCenter in Boston.