Wacko Jacko’s sex romps with ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley left Elvis’ daughter breathless and wanting more.
But the bizarro 45- year-old pop star never went to bed without makeup on – and beat it out of the bedroom anytime Lisa Marie would switch on the lights, according to a sensational new book on Jacko’s weird world.
“Apparently, Michael is hot stuff in bed,” Lisa Marie’s friend, Monica Pastelle, told J. Randy Taraborrelli, whose update of his book, “Michael Jackson: The Magic and The Madness,” caused ripples when it was excerpted last week in London’s Daily Mail.
“Lisa said he was amazing. And she’s been around. Everyone was saying, ‘No way, Lisa. It can’t be true. Michael Jackson? Are we talking about the Michael Jackson, the one with the glove?’ But she wasn’t joking.”
Pastelle said the odd couple, who split in January 1996 after secretly tying the knot in May 1994, spiced up their sex sessions with “role playing” – but that Jacko wouldn’t let her see his body if the lights were on.
“The first time, she went to turn on the lights afterwards, and he leapt out of bed and ran into the bathroom so she wouldn’t see his body,” she said.
“He emerged 20 minutes later, in full makeup and wearing a silk robe. Then they went at it again. They were into role-playing games, although Lisa would never say who was playing what kind of roles.”
Also according to Taraborrelli’s tome, Jacko:
* First asked Lisa Marie to have his child, and hoped they could do it without having to have sex. He then turned to friend Debbie Rowe.
* Was driven to plastic surgery by his allegedly abusive father. “Michael’s motive was to avoid looking like his father, the man he detested and whose broad-nosed face he saw looking back at him in the mirror,” according to Taraborrelli.
* Because his nose collapsed after 10 operations, Jacko now wears a “prosthetic nose tip and disguises it with thick stage makeup.”
* Feared he’d have to have sex with pal Elizabeth Taylor if they moved in together, as they were planning, before the faded pop star bought Neverland. The friends even discussed tying the knot.
* Only feels safe at Neverland.