Anyone who read the script should have been smart enough to say “NO” to the flick. It sucked!

Bill Murray: No Beef With Lucy Liu
BURBANK, Calif. – Bill Murray says reports about his having a beef with Lucy Liu is baloney.
Murray, speaking to “Access Hollywood,” acknowledged the two had a disagreement on the set of the first “Charlie’s Angels” movie. But he said it lasted for all of 20 minutes when they went to their “separate corners and, you know, fired hand grenades and bottle rockets at each other.”
Murray said it was only “a misunderstanding about a scene” they were going to do. He said he asked Liu how she could want to say certain lines because he thought they didn’t make sense.
Murray said she got mad at him and “took it as a personal assault.” But he said it turned out she didn’t like the lines either.
Murray said “a high-ranking production person” had misrepresented how Liu felt about the lines. He added that the same production person is one of the reasons he didn’t do the sequel.
Plus, he said, he’s “not much for sequels,” having learned a lesson from “Ghostbusters 2.”