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Dennis Miller Joins ‘Boston Public,’ Babe
LOS ANGELES ( – Comedian Dennis Miller will make his first entree into TV drama with a guest stint on “Boston Public.”
Miller, late of “Monday Night Football” and HBO’s “Dennis Miller Live,” has signed on for a three-episode arc that will begin Friday, Oct. 24. The king of arcane cultural references will play an investment banker convicted of securities fraud.
Rather than go to prison, though, he accepts a sentence of community service — teaching math at Winslow High. (Is it us, or does that sound like a sentence that would be handed out in another David E. Kelley show, “Ally McBeal”?)
Miller, who won five Emmys for “Dennis Miller Live,” has done some dramatic work in the past, playing cops or business types in movies like “Disclosure” and “Murder at 1600.” He’s never appeared in a TV drama, however.
He recently joined the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity & Colmes” as a weekly commentator and also contributes to other shows on the network.