I have to compete for girls with Tom Green!??! i have no chance at all!

All that Green and no girl
Tom Green turns to Internet to find a date in la-la land
Ottawa’s favourite jokester is looking for a date, possibly even a committed girlfriend and, admittedly, some fodder for his new television show.
Tom Green has posted an online profile at Yahoo! Personals, along with a picture of himself and sidekick Glenn Humplik on the set of his critically acclaimed television program The New Tom Green Show. The show is shot in California and has been airing on MTV since June.
Dubbing himself “L8 Nite Talker Looking,” Green writes he’s a “quirky late night talk show host seeking female companionship for good conversation, playing, and just having fun.”
Green announced he’d put his profile online during an episode of his show earlier this month, saying he’s having a hard time getting dates.
Last week slick Blind Date host Roger Lodge, a guest of Green’s, pledged to hook him up. Lodge even brought along a couple of buxom young ladies for Green and Humplik — who has a long-term girlfriend — to squire.
Green’s profile also nods to the inevitable role any woman he goes out with will play on his show.
“Must agree to have photos taken on dates (not nude) for use in wacky talk show banter,” says his profile. “I enjoy quiet moonlit walks, romantic dinners, and heavy drinking.”
The 31-year-old, 6-foot-4 Aries with hazel eyes, light brown hair and average build, who says he smokes and drinks occasionally, can be seen in Canada on the Comedy Channel on Saturday nights. An hour-long montage of his show’s highlights airs at 10 p.m.
Green first began pulling outrageous pranks and honing his hosting skills back in Ottawa on Rogers Cable in the early 1990s. After he became famous through a previous MTV show and several movie roles — including the almost universally reviled Freddy Got Fingered — he beat testicular cancer and had a short marriage to actress Drew Barrymore which ended in divorce. Last week he joked with an excitable UFO expert who appeared on his show by asking him not to say the letters “E.T.” because it “hurt.”
Green is now looking for a woman between the ages of 22 and 35 who lives within 80 km. of Studio City, Calif., and has some college or post-graduate education.
“Fun, open minded, willing to date talk show host,” reads his wish list. “Likes to travel, party and have romantic dinners.”
Green lists his profession as “Entertainment/Media” and responded “no answer” to queries on his income, political leanings or whether he attends any religious services.
He also lists every interest there is to choose from, including arts and crafts.