Here’s hoping its funny!

The sequel that makes fun of sequels
By Scott Bowles, USA TODAY
It may not be a banner summer for sequels, but Bob Weinstein believes the time is ripe to spoof them. And Weinstein, co-founder of Miramax and Dimension Films, says he has the tool of choice in Scary Movie 3, which opens Oct. 24.
Originally titled Scary Movie 3, Episode I: Lord of the Brooms, the movie lampoons everything from The Matrix Reloaded to Michael Jackson to the entire horror genre. “I’m glad they keep making those horror movies,” Weinstein says, laughing. “It gives us plenty of material.”
It appeared the movie would truly be terrifying when the Wayans brothers, who led the first two films to a combined $228 million take, walked away. But Weinstein tapped veteran slapstick filmmaker David Zucker (Naked Gun). He then enlisted Charlie Sheen and Leslie Nielsen to join returning cast members Anna Faris and Regina Hall for a story about an alien invasion.
Scary shut down for two weeks so it could incorporate jokes about The Matrix, and it managed to slip in potshots at The Hulk as well. “We had to work fast,” Weinstein says. “But that’s the fun of it.”
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