Another Indy DVD Update!

More details have emerged from Lucasfilm on the Indiana Jones DVDs.
They are indeed streeting on October 21 now. We also have more specific information on the bonus disc contents. Here’s what to expect, direct from the official press release:
Indiana Jones: Making the Trilogy – Documentarians raided the Lucasfilm archives for an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at movie-making history. More than two dozen new interviews were conducted with the talented cast and crew of the Indiana Jones trilogy – some of whom were interviewed for the first time since the films were originally released. Making the Trilogy is a completely unique tour through the rough-and-tumble world of the filmsĂ­ creation. Complete with never-before-seen footage, outtakes, screen tests, production drawings and photographs direct from the Lucasfilm archives, it’s the most detailed exploration of these classic films ever produced.
The Light and Magic of Indiana Jones – The visual effects wizards from Industrial Light and Magic bring new insight into how they created the unique world of Indiana Jones. Their groundbreaking techniques in visual and mechanical effects came in an era before computer-generated effects existed, offering unique challenges and spectacular results. ILM technicians explain how miniatures, matte paintings, morphing and more made Indy’s spectacular quests and supernatural adventures into unforgettable film experiences.
Taking an in-depth adventure in sound, The Sound of Indiana Jones joins Academy AwardÆ-winning sound designer Ben Burtt as he reveals the crucial role that sound effects and editing playedin the Indiana Jones films, while also providing an aural history behind some of the most talked-about scenes.
The Stunts of Indiana Jones goes behind the scenes to witness the intense coordination required by the entire production team to make certain a death-defying scene looks convincing on film. This documentary reveals how the Indy films paid homage to the past and were pivotal to the future of heart-stopping, perilous movie stunts.
Venture on a musical journey with John Williams as he reminisces about his collaboration with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and The Music of Indiana Jones. Viewers will learn how one of the most iconic movie themes of all-time, The Raiders March, was conceived and gain insight into how the music uniquely compliments the theme and mood of each adventure.
Original theatrical teasers and trailers for the Indiana Jones movies, along with a trailer for the Indiana Jones and The Emperor’s Tomb video game from LucasArts.
Exclusive DVD-ROM access to exclusive Indiana Jones content, available through a special DVD-ROM web site. An additional link to the web site (the official site for Indiana Jones fans) will offer daily features and updates on the upcoming Indiana Jones 4.