I’ll never understand why these horrible broadcasters, notably Bullard and Ben Mulroney, keep getting these great jobs!

Mike Bullard moving to Global TV
TORONTO –The late-night talk show landscape is about to change, with the announcement Wednesday that Mike Bullard is jumping from CTV to Global.
The surprise signing of Bullard to a multi-year deal with Canwest Global will allow him to play an active role as a contributor to Canwest’s newspaper and online properties in addition to his late-night hosting duties, said a statement from Global.
The deal takes effect Aug. 25, and the talk-variety show will have its premiere in the fall, likely October, said Rick Camilleri, an executive at Canwest Global.
He said the signing of Bullard is part of an evolving strategy at the company.
“Our passion is for developing high-quality Canadian content and Canadian stars, and multimedia stars that we can then take to a worldwide audience,” said Camilleri.
He said Bullard’s move to Global came about after a chance meeting at the Walk of Fame awards in Toronto this spring.
“One party went up to the other one, said something, the other party was interested, and here we are a month later,” said Camilleri.
Bullard has been with the Comedy Network and CTV for six seasons.
“You’re going to continue to see Mike flourish, doing what he does best, which is his late-night talk show, and our goal is basically just continue to grow that audience, evolve the show,” said Camilleri.
He’s a ubiquitous presence at charity events in the Toronto area, and has had a career spanning more than a decade as a stand-up comic.
“I look forward to taking Scott Feschuk’s place at the National Post and finally getting a good review for my show,” Bullard joked in a statement about his imminent move, referring to an entertainment writer at the newspaper.
The late night show’s new studio will be in downtown Toronto.