Sadly, he still thinks that not turning down “Battlefield Earth” was a good idea

Travolta Says Turning Down ‘Chicago’ Big Mistake
BERLIN (Reuters) – John Travolta, who became an icon for the disco craze with is dancing in “Saturday Night Fever,” says he made a big mistake in turning down a starring role in this year’s Academy Award winning film “Chicago.”
“You’re rubbing salt in my wounds,” Travolta told Germany’s Bunte magazine in an excerpt released ahead of publication on Thursday. “I’m still angry with myself that I turned down the role of the lawyer in Chicago that Richard Gere then got.”
Travolta said Gere did a great job with the dance numbers in Chicago, which dominated the Academy Awards and won best picture.
“But oh, how I would have loved to have showed them all what I can do one more time,” said Travolta, 49.