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Schwarzenegger to Decide Soon on California Race
BERLIN (Reuters) – Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Monday he would decide within the next month whether to run for California governor.
Speaking to journalists in Berlin ahead of the European premiere of his latest film, “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” the Austrian-born actor said his decision would depend on the political developments in his home state.
When asked about his political ambitions, Schwarzenegger, 55, said: “I can tell you that within the next month.
“But at the same time, something else could develop — that’s up to California. How that develops, if there will be a recall or not a recall and all those kind of things.”
Republicans in California are leading a movement to remove the U.S. state’s Democratic governor Gray Davis in a recall election. The organizers say they have collected signatures to force a vote in the autumn.
Schwarzenegger, who has eyed a political career on and off for years, has until recently insisted he was not thinking about running for governor. He has, however, said he is capable of leading and putting things in order.