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Trisha Yearwood Writing With Garth Brooks
Trisha Yearwood has been testing out her skills as a songwriter with her boyfriend, Garth Brooks. Yearwood says she’s been collaborating with Brooks and other songwriters in the hopes of creating some material for her new album.
“I’ve been trying to write some, and he and I have written some things, but so far nothing that’s going to be on a record anywhere,” Yearwood says about working with Brooks. “I’ve been a frustrated songwriter for a long, long time, and I’m not a great songwriter because I’m not a patient person. If it comes easily to me, I’m all over it, but if it’s hard work, forget it, and songwriting is not easy.”
Yearwood says that her recent foray into the world of songwriting has upped her respect for those who have a knack for the craft, especially someone as talented as Garth Brooks. “He’s really encouraged me, and I just have such a healthy respect for songwriters that I don’t wanna be like, ‘Oh, all of a sudden Trisha Yearwood thinks she’s a writer,'” Yearwood adds. “I believe there’s potential there. I believe I have something to say. Really, when I started listening to songs and wasn’t finding anything, I thought, ‘You know things are really bad if I’ve gotta write something,’ you know, and so I started.”
Yearwood says that at this point, it doesn’t look like anything she has written will make the new album, but she has high hopes of recording her own songs in the future.