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Eminem at Work on Shady’s Future
LOS ANGELES (Billboard) – When he’s not tossing baby dolls out of a hotel window in Scotland, Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, continues to work on his next project.
Songwriter Luis Resto, with whom Eminem and Jeff Bass shared an Oscar this year for “Lose Yourself,” tells Billboard that when Mathers is in Detroit, ” and I work together every day. We’re writing for artists on Shady Records: Obie Trice and D12 and after that, it will be Eminem again.”
Resto continues, “A lot of the time we’re writing for all three projects. You go in and you’re jamming, doing music, and it gets spread here and there. Some stuff goes to Em, some to Obie and some to other artists. We sit down and write and we parcel it out. Marshall takes home CDs and he listens to them, some things intrigue him, some things not as much — you just keep backlogging the ideas and see what comes of it.”
Trice’s Shady Records/Interscope debut is set for a September release, while street dates for D12 and Eminem have yet to be set. An Interscope Records representative says Eminem’s album will not come out until 2004.