I couldn’t care less, but I know millions of people do, so this is for all of them!

What’s in store for Harry?
J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix doesn’t arrive in bookstores until June 21, but Potter fans have been speculating for months √≥ years, even √≥ about what might happen during Harry’s fifth year at Hogwarts.
We asked readers of all ages to share their Phoenix predictions. Out of all the responses we received, Kay Hendrickson in Wenatchee, Wash., probably has the best chance of being right: She believes “a hush will spread around the world on June 21 as young and old fans of Harry Potter settle down for a long anticipated read.”
Here are some more predictions:
“I think Dudley will show some wizarding powers since he is related to Lilly Potter. This will through the Dursleys for a real loop!” √±L. Holland, St Louis
“After three years to ponder, I’ve decided that Neville Longbottom is the heir to Gryffindor and Mrs. Weasley will be the one to die. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.” √±April Kaster, Dallas
“My guess is Harry will have to face the distractions of puberty along with some tertiary threat or attack from his arch-nemeses. He will successfully address the latest attack from the “unspoken one” but will fall under the spell of some new (before now unnoticed) budding young woman at school. … Should be a real coming-of-age story. My daughter can’t wait.” √±Charles Lee Holmes, Chester, Va.
“Voldemort will not be defeated yet, though the white wizards sure will try. The ‘fan’ of Harry’s that will die is thought by me to be Hagrid. … Draco will follow his father, of course. Snape will get sought after by Voldemort and perhaps go as far as to have the secret-keeper charm placed on him (it’d be a nice twist if Harry was his secret keeper!). And Ron and Hermione may be going out, since Ron appears to have the hots for her.” √±Stephanie Zoutenbier. Kissimmee, Fla.
“Not content with his celebrity status on the Quidditch field, Harry adds cork to his broomstick to increase airspeed. A crashing Bludger reveals the deception, scattering Nimbus 2004 pieces √≥ along with bits of cork √≥ across the field. While Dumbledore, as usual, attempts to soften the punishment and provide Harry with special treatment, ultimate Quidditch authority Madame Hooch throws the book at the young Gryffindor. By the time his suspension lifts, Harry is disheartened to discover that Slytherin has won the season’s cup, that Ron has suffered a fatal case of monkeypox, and that Hermione is now starring in her own reality television series, For Love or Malfoy.” √±Anna Hoover, Lexington, Ky.
“Harry learns more about his parents and godfather, Silas; Ron and Hermonie become closer (possible boyfriend and girlfriend in the near future); Harry learns more about Voldemort and the scar he got when he was a baby. √±Rene Mayo, Battle Creek, Mich.
“Harry will learn that his neighbor, Mrs Figg, is actually a witch, and that she has been watching over him very closely while he has lived with the Dursleys. … Ron will betray Harry to Voldemort out of jealousy. Voldemort will give Ron what his friends and family can’t. Ron will be an important person, and richer than he has ever imagined. Dumbledore will be killed by Voldemort, but do so in such a way that it gives Harry enough time to find the way to vanquish Voldemort forever (‚Ä° la Obi Wan Kenobi).” √±Josh Egbert, Louisville
“We think the ‘Order of the Phoenix’ is the name of the coalition that believes that Voldemort has risen (Dumbledore, Sirius, Harry, etc.). They come together under this name to fight Voldemort and attempt to make others believe he is once again powerful. There will be a battle with the Order and Voldemort’s followers. But by the end, Voldemort will be weakened. Also, romances will be more prevalent in Book 5. Ron and Hermione will acknowledge their feelings for one another and Harry will pursue Cho.” √±Matthew and Kelly Lake, Marietta, Ga.
“Neville, I believe, will become huge in the book. There will be a much greater strength to Longbottom than we know. Fudge and Dumbledore will be against one another, and I think Fudge is secretly helping Voldemort. … Hagrid will not die, in my opinion. But I don’t think that the giants will help. The spiders and the house elves will be an important part of the war against Voldemort.” √±Allison Wells, Dublin, Ga.
“Snape is Harry’s uncle.” √±Eric Erikson, Vancouver, Wash.
“If you look very carefully at the cover of the new book, Harry is in a round room. In Goblet of Fire Ch. 30, Rowling mentions that Professor Dumbledore’s office is a circular room. My prediction is that Harry will find out all there’s more to his office than meets the eye.” √±Lyndee Salo, Prior Lake, Minn.