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Today is my good friend Bruce’s birthday. Happy Birthday Bruce! Here is a look at “Today In History” for you!

On This Day In History – June 11
1793 – The first patent for a stove was issued — to Robert Haeterick.
1961 – Roy Orbison was wrapping up a week at number one on the “Billboard” record chart with “Running Scared”, his first number one hit.
1972 – The controversial 62-minute XXX-rated film “Deep Throat” opened at the Mature World Theatre in New York City. Linda Lovelace starred, or, whatever…
1979 РOne of Americaís greatest legends, both as a movie star and as a symbol of patriotism, died this day. Marion Michael Morrison, known as John Wayne, died following a courageous fight with cancer. ëThe Dukeí was 72.
1981 РThe first baseball playerís strike in major-league history began during mid-season after Seattle defeated Baltimore 8-2 at the Kingdome in Seattle. For two months, the nationís favorite pastime was watching negotiations between the playersí union and team owners.
1982 – The movie “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” opened. Steven Spielberg directed this classic. It dazzled audiences with state-of-the-art special effects and a touching, humorous, story line, grossing over $100 million in its first 31 days of theatrical release.
1993 – U.S. audiences rumbled to theatres for a first look at Jurassic Park. The Steven Spielberg-directed dinosaur blockbuster billed a gigantic $47.06 million — just for openers.
1999 – “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” premiered at theatres across North America.