I’d like Charlize Theron to wake me up, and I don’t mean via this service!

Baywatch babe Pam Anderson to launch celebrity wake-up service
LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Do you fancy being woken up every morning by Hollywood sex kitten Pamela Anderson, even if you don’t happen to be her rocker fiance Kid Rock? Well, now you can be.
Blond bombshell Baywatch star Anderson, 35, has signed on to a celebrity wake-up service which allows customers to be gently roused by her dulcet tones for only 7.99 dollars per month.
“Hi, it’s Pamela,” purrs one of the musically-backed matinal greetings explaining that the star is “filling in for your alarm clock.”
“I love animals, they’re fuzzy, cute and fun to play with. Are you fun to play with? How about getting down on your hands and knees and barking like a dog. Now get your fuzzy ass out if bed and fetch my slippers.
“Have a great day, you animal,” Anderson says.
Anderson is the first star to lend her voice to the messaging service, Celebrity Wake Up — set up in partnership with Tinseltown’s William Morris Agency and powered by communications giant IDT, the firm said.
“I wanted to launch Celebrity Wake Up with a voice the world would want to wake up to,” said founder J.R. Getches.
Punters will be able to choose from seven early morning greetings from Anderson, who is as famous for her turbulent marriage to rocker Tommy Lee as for her television and film roles.
“Every second the sun releases enough energy to supply our planet with power for over a billion years — and you can’t get out of bed?,” Anderson says in another of the messages.
“What kind of work ethic is that? A bad one, that’s what kind. Now get up, get to work, and fuse with hydrogen — or at least have some coffee.”
In addition to the early morning calls, customers of the service can also conjure up a celebrity birthday call service for just five dollars, company officials said.
Anderson will be the first celebrity to offer her voice to the outfit for a month, but others are in negotiation to follow in her footsteps, the officials said.