Ask, chicks, ask! Let Reba show you the way!

Dixie Chicks Backlash Continues
The Dixie Chicks were a last minute addition to the roster of performers on Wednesday (May 21) 38th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards show, live from Las Vegas. During the three-hour event, which was steeped in patriotism, the Chicks still seemed to be suffering from the backlash of resentment over Natalie Maines’ remarks about President Bush.
The group performed on the CBS telecast via satellite from a concert in their adopted hometown of Austin, Texas. The band was greeted by applause from the audience in Austin, but when Vince Gill announced the Chicks as one of the nominees in the Entertainer Of The Year category–the crowd in Las Vegas booed loudly. Gill tried to calm the angry crowd, saying, “Stop it, stop it. You know who gets blessed when you forgive–you.”
After the broadcast, Reba McEntire was asked if she thought the Dixie Chicks’ performance on Wednesday night’s show might have helped them win back the support of the fans or fellow performers who were miffed by Maines’ seemingly unpatriotic comment. Reba candidly replied, “Didn’t sound like it. I announced it, and it was a pretty big negative response. It was very, very bad. I don’t think it’s over.” When McEntire was asked what advice she would give the Chicks, she replied, “When they ask for it, I’ll give it. I don’t think that will happen, though.”
The incident that sparked the backlash happened in March when the Dixie Chicks were performing in London and at a time when the United States was making plans to go to war with Iraq. During the concert, Natalie Maines told the British crowd, “Just so you know, we’re ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas.” Since then, the Chicks, have repeatedly apologized for Natalie’s ill-timed remark which set off a tidal wave of resentment directed at all three singers.
The Dixie Chicks lost in all three categories they were nominated in–Top Vocal Group, Entertainer Of The Year, and Album Of The Year.