Just in case you want to know, but wouldn’t be caught dead watching the show… (SPOLIER ALERT!)

…Joey Chooses Pacey in ‘Dawson’ Finale
NEW YORK – After six seasons, Joey finally ends up with… Pacey. And Jen is the one who dies. The series finale of “Dawson’s Creek” took the characters five years into the future.
Jack’s a teacher, Jen’s a single mom, Pacey’s a restaurant owner, Joey’s an editor in New York and Dawson’s in Hollywood working on a show he created called “The Creek.” They came back to Capeside for Dawson’s mom’s wedding, where Jen collapses and everyone finds out she has a heart abnormality. That’s what ends up killing her.
Joey finally chooses between Pacey and Dawson, saying she’s known all along. Even though she and Dawson tell each other, “You and me always,” in the final scene she’s watching “The Creek” with Pacey and he gets the kiss. And it turns out Pacey’s been right all these years √≥ his brother Dougie IS gay.
The series finale aired on the WB on Wednesday night.