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Mike Myers lauds T.O. on ‘Tonight Show’
TORONTO (AP-CP) — Actor Mike Myers declared “Toronto is safe” on NBC’s Tonight Show Monday night, urging Americans to visit the city and ignore the SARS hysteria that has kept many in the U.S. away from Canada.
He reminded guest host Katie Couric that Canadians rallied in support of the United States and travelled to New York after Sept. 11, and hopes Americans will now return the favour.
“You’re more than welcome to come, and it’s completely safe. I just want us all to support Canada,” said the Toronto-born actor.
Myers, wearing a shirt with a maple leaf, also gave a “shout out” to Canadian health-care workers who fought to control SARS.
Although 24 people have died from SARS in Toronto, no new cases have been reported since April 19. Still, many people continue to avoid the city and there are fears the tourism sector will take years to recover.
And the entertainment industry took notice of the World Health Organization’s controversial travel advisory against Toronto — which was later rescinded — leading to cancelled concerts and appearances by the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel, Lisa Marie Presley, American Idol Kelly Clarkson and Catherine O’Hara, a Canadian actor.
Oscar-winner Halle Berry also went on record saying there was no way she would go to Toronto to shoot the upcoming movie Catwoman — even though Toronto was never chosen as a location for filming.
Monday night was not the first time Myers has talked about Toronto while on American late night talk shows, in fact, it’s a pretty regular topic of conversation.
He’s talked about growing up in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough with Jay Leno, David Letterman and Jon Stewart several times.
He’s also appeared on shows sporting the Toronto Maple Leafs logo and has several references to his favourite hockey team scattered in his Austin Powers movies.