This is just a rumour! Just a rumour!

Indiana Jones DVD News?
Here’s a bit of interesting Indy news from The Digital Bits
“Word has reached us from a number of independent industry and retail sources that Paramount is preparing their announcement of the Indiana Jones Trilogy DVD box set. The buzz is that the studio will make the news official in the next few weeks. Our sources are telling us that the set will be 4 discs in all – 1 each for the films (all in anamorphic widescreen) along with a 4th disc of bonus content. The films will reportedly only be available in the box set. And the set is expected to see worldwide release in November. Thanks to everyone who’s sent in information on this. Keep in mind, that this is still very much in the rumor stage. But even the various talent involved has confirmed that the DVDs are in the works, so we felt it important to post this information as a sort of heads-up. Of course, we’ll post any and all official news on this release in the daily column the moment it comes in. Stay tuned…”
Thanks to Chris for the tip.