A “Knight Rider” movie update.

Hasselhoff is in the RIDER’s Seat
David Hasselhoff talks about his planned film adaption of KNIGHT RIDER.
Former Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff told SCI FI Wire that he’s still executive producing a feature-film version of the 1980s TV show and is also developing a new TV series. Formerly known as Super Knight Rider 3000, the feature film is now simply called Knight Rider: The Movie and is in development at Revolution Studios.
Hasselhoff added that he is in talks to produce the new TV series. “Right now it’s in this land of ‘Which way are we going with it?'” Hasselhoff said in an interview. “I think for the film, we’re going to go one way, and for the television series another way.” Hasselhoff said that he hopes to have an acting role in both the film and the series. “I figure James Bond’s about my age, so I could still be Michael Knight.” No start date is announced for either project.