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Presley Won’t Discuss Her Bitter Songs
LOS ANGELES – Lisa Marie Presley knows people are wondering whether she’s talking about one of her famous ex-husbands in some of the bitter songs on her new disc, “To Whom It May Concern.”
But Presley, who has been married to Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson, isn’t talking. “I won’t confirm or deny,” the 35-year-old said in a recent interview with The Associated Press.
The daughter of Elvis Presley released her first album to critical acclaim earlier this month. The disc contains plenty of songs that take verbal jabs at an unidentified ex-lover.
She anticipated that listeners might think she was talking about Jackson or Cage, her second and third husbands. It’s part of the reason the album has the title it does, Presley says.
“It’s a little on the sarcastic side,” she said, and it’s aimed at curiosity seekers. “Are you actually going to listen to this and look at it for what it is, or are you going to immediately go to some superficial bull and start trying to figure out, `Who’s she talking about?'”
Presley is among the performers who have been added to VH1’s “Divas” concert, along with Beyonce Knowles, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. The live show will air from Las Vegas on May 22.