Yes, but she is growing up so well!

Jessica Andrews Struggles With Growing Up In Public Eye
Jessica Andrews said that growing from a teenager into an adult in the public eye hasn’t been so easy in her chosen profession. The now 19-year-old singer just released her third album, Now, which represents Andrews’ leap from childhood into womanhood.
Andrews first appeared on the scene in 1999 at the age of 16 with her debut album, Heart Shaped World.
With a new sound, more mature material and a sophisticated look, Andrews said she couldn’t be happier living the life of a full-fledged adult, complete with her own home and total control of her career. “It was more difficult for me, I think, because you’re growin’ up and you go through changes and your music changes and you change — your looks and everything about you, so I finally feel like I’m at a spot in my life where I’m very comfortable and happy with everything that’s going on,” Andrews said. “I’m in complete control of everything that I do and I love that. I feel like it’s a whole new me, in a way.”
Andrews said she accepts the fact that some will always consider her a child, just as long as they give her the chance to build a long career. “It’s definitely more challenging than an adult artist who’s in their 20’s or 30’s because for awhile I will always have this association with being 12 years old and 14 years old when I come on to the scene, you know?” Jessics said. “That’s gonna’ be with me for a long time, which I’m okay with that, but from the very beginning, it was all about longevity to me.”
Andrews’ current single, “There’s More To Me Than You,” which she co-wrote her boyfriend, fellow artist Marcel, continues to climb the country singles charts.