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Actor Alan Thicke Hurt by Flying Hockey Puck
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Never mind “Growing Pains.” This must have really hurt. Alan Thicke, the Canadian-born actor best known as a TV dad on the hit comedy “Growing Pains,” lost five teeth and required 30 stitches after getting hit with a hockey puck.
“I won’t be playing any leading man roles in the next couple of months,” Thicke said in a statement issued by spokesman Jerry Digney.
Digney said the 56-year-old Thicke was playing hockey alongside actor Michael Vartan, who plays a CIA agent on the ABC drama “Alias,” and was not wearing proper headgear when he took an errant puck to the face.
The spokesman said Thicke, who is working on an updated version of his book “How Men Have Babies,” will need extensive dental work and possibly cosmetic surgery to repair the damage.