This “S” is “S” Sad News “S”

S Club calling it quits
S Club have announced they are calling it quits at the end of May, reports NME.
The remaining six members of the pop group told fans at a concert in London that they would go their separate ways.
A statement released by the group said: “With any job there comes a time to move on and to face new challenges. We’ve experienced so much more than we ever imagined and we’ve enjoyed a huge amount of success.”
Rumours of an impending split have dogged the band since member Paul Cattermole left S Club 7 last year, and recently when lead singer Jo O’Meara revealed she had a debilitating back condition.
While the band has decided to split, Rachel Stevens has plans to go in film and co-star with Summer Phoenix in “Suzie Gold” in which Stevens plays a demanding diva.