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Shania Twain Wants Single Sales Credit For Double CD
Despite that fact that Shania Twain’s current album, Up!, could qualify for twice the album sales for every one unit sold due to its two-CD content, the singer said she won’t go down that road. Twain wants the Recording Industry Association Of America to only certify sales of Up! based on each single unit sold because she said to do otherwise would be deceitful. And she never wants to be accused of that.
“I technically can claim two, but it’s not true,” Twain said. “I mean it’s technically true, but it wouldn’t be true. That would just be some kind of trickery or something. I’m not interested in that. I don’t want to be accused of doing anything like that. I wouldn’t even want that, so when it legitimately qualifies for whatever number it qualifies for, it will be for the sale of each unit as a double, period.”
Twain said that her idea to record different versions of the same songs was just a further expression of who she is as an artist, and not a ploy for marketing or sales purposes. “Even the packaging of this album is not a gimmick,” Twain said. “If anything, the label was saying to me, ‘How are we gonna market this?,’ you know, cause it was such kind of a crazy idea having all these different styles of music and everything. I just wanted to give more. I wanted to give more choice. I wanted to portray all the different sides of me and I enjoyed experimenting but I’m not interested in the gimmick of the whole number game.”
Both mixes–pop and country–included in Twain’s already multi-platinum-selling Up! contain 19 tracks.