I am saddened to say this but, the show is going to be horrible. The success of this show was dependant on who they chose as judges, and they have chosen poor judges. Global’s POPSTARS series flopped this year as their judges were horrid. Now CTV has chos

Canadian Idol fever has officially begun.
Yesterday, the first of the auditions kicked off in Winnipeg and the celebrity judges were announced.
“You wouldn’t believe the scene here in Winnipeg. The line wrapped around the hotel and then for two blocks,” says Canadian Idol executive producer John Brunton.
“I’m thrilled with some of the singers here.”
As for the four judges — singer Sass Jordan and a trio of industry insiders, Farley Flex, Jake Gold and Zack Werner — Brunton says they won’t be mimicking the successful American Idol team.
“The Canadian Idol starts with the credibility of our judges.
“We were looking for people who were smart and had a great depth of knowledge of the industry and a good eye for picking talent,” says Brunton, who has been involved with nine Juno Award shows.
He also predicts the only female on the panel won’t be shy. “Sass was one of my No. 1 choices … she’s a woman with balls. She won’t be a wallflower.”
Canadian Idol’s 26 episodes will follow the basic format of the popular American Idol and the original British production Pop Idol.
A new set is being built and the finalists will compete in Toronto.
“I think there are a few points of difference (between the homegrown and U.S. Idol productions),” says Brunton. He points out that the Canadian competitors are more diverse — not just Britney Spears clones.
“Our view of who can be special … is a lot more broad than pop idol.”
For more information on auditioning, check out the official website.