I like to take a ride with Diaz

Diaz Taking Hybrid Car to the Oscars
LOS ANGELES – Star gazers won’t see Cameron Diaz stepping out of a stretch limo at Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony.
She’s one of a handful of celebrities who will be chauffeured to the gala in hybrid cars powered by both gasoline and electricity.
Also arriving in a Toyota Prius, courtesy of environmentalists, will be Harrison Ford, Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams.
“This is to show that there are people who care about lessening our dependence on foreign oil and increased fuel efficiency,” said Matt Petersen of Global Green USA, an affiliate of Green Cross International.
Alternative fuel vehicles “are part of the solution to global warming, pollution and lowering our gas bills,” Petersen said.
Because of the war in Iraq, organizers canceled the splashy red-carpet arrivals at the Kodak Theatre.