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Harry Potter Author to Cast Spell Over ‘Simpsons’
LONDON (Reuters) – The creator of Harry Potter, the world’s most popular boy wizard, is set to cast a spell over cult U.S. cartoon show “The Simpsons,” her spokeswoman said Wednesday.
J.K. Rowling will bring a touch of magic to the animated sitcom about the dysfunctional family by appearing as herself in an episode set in England.
“I can confirm that she did a voice-over for ‘The Simpsons,”‘ the spokeswoman told Reuters.
In the episode, Rowling will meet beer-guzzling Homer Simpson and his family when they visit England to find a girl with whom Grandpa Simpson had a wartime fling.
“‘The Simpsons’ bump into J.K. Rowling outside a bookshop and they talk all about Harry Potter,” Don Payne, executive producer of the cult cartoon told the Sun newspaper.
The episode will also feature “Lord of the Rings” star Sir Ian McKellen, the paper said.
The family go to see him perform the Shakespeare play “Macbeth,” but bring him bad luck by saying the play’s name aloud — in defiance of a well-known theatrical superstition.
This leads to the actor being hit by scaffolding and then struck by lightning.
Rowling, who has sold millions of Harry Potter books around the world, joins dozens of stars from Paul McCartney to Dustin Hoffman who have lent their voices to the show.