In the end the hype won’t live up to his tame performance. The man, and his handlers, know how to manipulate the media.

EMINEM has been invited to perform his Oscar-nominated song next month on the Academy Awards show – but the producers sound as if they hope he doesn’t show up.
The obscenity-prone rapper was nominated for “Lose Yourself” from his movie “8 Mile.”
“Eminem has an airplay version of that song,” says Oscar show producer Gil Cates. And that is the version he will be expected to perform, he said.
“Listen, the Academy Awards show is a show for the family. I mean, everyone watches the show and we’re very much aware of that,” he told reporters.
“Obviously we would not knowingly have anything on the show which would be offensive.”
No matter, Eminen has not said yet whether he will perform.
“Eminem we’re not sure about in terms of the schedule,” Cates said. “We haven’t heard.”
Another question mark is “I Move On” from from the movie musical “Chicago.”
In the movie, stars Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones sing the song. But Zeta-Jones will be eight-and-a-half months pregnant in March and may not be able – or even want to – perform the song at the Oscars.