According to Bill Murray’s brother, CADDYSHACK 3 will be made

Swinging Clubs and Shooting Gophers…Again
Some sequels are just not required. Some movie news can come from the most unlikely places. Both principles combined today to reveal this rather terrifying scoop – seems that in the latest issue of New Hampshire Golf Magazine, they talked to Brian Doyle Murray (brother of Bill Murray) about his golf-themed restaurant and he confirmed a third film in the 80’s comedy series is on the way: “Okay, the second one sucked. This one is going to be good. It’s Chevy, Rodney, Louie Anderson, Michael O’Keefe and myself. It should be a lot of fun. We’re even trying to get Bill to do a short appearance in it as Spackler”. Murray also confirmed that whilst no other “Ghostbusters” films are in the works, a “Snow Dogs” sequel is and “I’ll be reprising my role of this crazy chap named Ernie. Should be a lot of fun”. Where does one find a damn five iron when you feel the need to hit someone.