Streep SAG snub caused by error
Meryl Streep’s acclaimed performances in both “Adaptation” and “The Hours” will go unrecognized by the Screen Actors Guild due to a mistake by Sony Pictures, reports the Los Angeles Times.
An unidentified Sony Pictures’ employee erroneously placed Streep’s name on the Best Actress ballot for what was in fact a supporting role in “Adaptation.” The mistake meant her name appeared twice in the same category – a second time for her part in “The Hours” – on the ballots sent to SAG voters.
Sony contends vote-splitting occurred and Streep was subsequentially not nominated for her performance in either film.
The studio offered to pay for the printing and mailing of new ballots in order to correct their slip up, but SAG declined the appeal over fear that it would set a bad precedent for a situation that has occurred before.
Last year a Universal employee wrongfully placed Jennifer Connelly’s name in the lead actress category for her supporting role in “A Beautiful Mind.” Connelly still received a nomination, but did not win. Although, she took home both the Golden Globe and the Oscar for the same performance categorized correctly.
Streep won the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe earlier this month for “Adaptation”, and was also nominated in the Best Dramatic Actress category for her role in “The Hours.” The Academy Award ballots were due yesterday and it’s likely she will receive a nomination in both categories.
The Oscar nominees will be announced on February 11. The SAG awards will be handed out on March 9.