I say let us see the footage so we can judge for ourselves!

Web Site: ‘Millionaire’ Finalist Is Bondage Star
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – One of three women finalists on the hit Fox reality show “Joe Millionaire” has starred under another name in dozens of bondage and fetish films, a Web site reported on Wednesday.
Sarah Kozer (pictured above) has appeared — often bound and gagged but fully clothed — in such movies as “Hogtied” and “Helpless Heroines” under the stage name “Cindy Schubert,” according to The Smoking Gun.
In pictures on the Web site Kozer is seen bound and gagged in various poses, in some cases dressed as a cheerleader or nurse. In other photos she is seen tying up men.
Kozer, 29, could not be reached for comment. A spokesman for Fox, which describes her occupation as “sales and design” on the show’s Web site, said only, “We do not comment on the personal lives of our reality show contestants.”
In “Joe Millionaire,” 20 women compete for the affections of a 28-year-old construction worker, Evan Marriott, who poses as the heir to a $50 million fortune. They learn of the dupe at the end of the show.
The program, which was secretly taped in France late last year, has drawn unexpectedly high ratings for Fox on Monday night.
While you are mulling this over, “bare” in mind that a former male porno star won the last edition of Survivor.