Do you want to play a game (again)?

Parkes Wants a WAR GAMES 2
Writer/producer Walter Parkes wants to do a follow-up to his hit 80s movie WAR GAMES.
Producer Walter Parkes recently talked with Screenwriting magazine about “Catch Me If You Can” and was asked whether he would write anything ever again. He’s only ever penned two scripts – “WarGames” & “Sneakers” which became excellent films, and surprisingly enough Parkes seems keen on following up on one of them: “I’m actually writing a follow-up to WarGames. The idea’s actually been floating around up there – in my head – for years, but it’s just been finding time to sit down and write it.
Anyway, we’re doing that right now. I’d like to keep most of it secret for the moment but it’d definiely deal with the information age explosion we’ve been dealt in years to come. We’re hoping Matthew (Broderick) and Ally (Sheedy) will come back to play David and Jennifer. We’d love John (Boorman) to direct of course. War Games 2 will take us up to about 2004. I’ll be producing another of Hanks films then. But early days on that”.