More Actors Return to INDIANA JONES IV

More Classic Indy Characters Are Returning!
In news that will give even your Granny confidence, Steven Spielberg has confirmed that Sir Sean Connery will reprise his role as Jones Sr in the next instalment of Indy’s adventures.
Upping the average age of the cast by a couple of decades while injecting his inimitable class and charisma, the least 72-year-old Connery will do is make Harrison Ford look a little more sprightly. Faced with Indy’s daily trials of an outsized polystyrene ball, a Nazi thug half his age and a lovely leading lady to cop off with, at 60 years strong Ford will certainly have his work cut out.
And if evil Nazi henchmen and age-old curses weren’t enough, Indy’s going to have to cope with a phalanx of ex’s too, if Spielberg’s other comments to the Chicago Sun Times were anything to go by. The bookish lothario will be faced with the ghosts of girlfriends past as his former lovers, including Marion from the original Raiders of the Lost Ark, pop up in the new film. Spielberg commented “I’d like to get Karen Allen back for one soundbite and there are other Indy girls who had smaller roles who will come back.” But what about Mrs Spielberg herself? Kate Capshaw aka Willie Scott from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom may not be returning in front of her hubbie’s camera. Spielberg explained, “Frank Darabont, who is writing the script, called me and said, ‘I’m not sure we can work her into the script too'”.