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Fast-Food Customer Loses Appetite Over Toilets
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A customer in an international hamburger chain outlet in western Sweden lost his appetite when he discovered the restaurant’s toilet seats were being washed in its dishwasher alongside the kitchen utensils.
The man noticed on a visit to the bathroom in the restaurant in Arvika, Sweden, that all the toilet seats had been removed.
When he asked staff about the missing seats, an employee took them out of a dishwasher where they had been cleaned together with trays and kitchen utensils, the Swedish TT news agency reported on Thursday, quoting the regional newspaper Nya Wermlands-Tidningen.
The employee tried to reassure the customer by saying that the freshly washed toilet seat would be warm and pleasant to sit on.
A senior representative of the restaurant chain said the incident was a mistake and not standard company procedure. Arvika’s environmental and health inspector later visited the restaurant.