Oh my god! They killed the DVD set! You Bastards!

Has Warner Censored South Park
Diehard South Park fans anxiously awaiting The Complete First Season set due this Tuesday may end up coming away more than a little disappointed by the lack of any audio commentaries that originally announced for the set. Why? According to the show’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the incendiary nature of the audio commentaries they recorded for the set were dropped by Warner Home Video.
Trey and Parker have since issued a statement via The Comedy Central website, where fans can order the set directly and receive bonus CDs containing all the commentaries as audio-only tracks: “This is our audio commentary for the first 13 episodes of the international comedy super-hit South Park. Warner Brothers would not release it on the DVD without editing some of it’s content for “standards” issues. Trey and I simply love the sounds of our own voices too much to let this happen. We also believe in a little thing called the First Amendment.”
Given the always-controversial nature of the show, Warner’s apparent refusal to include the commentaries on the set has already drawn fire from the series’ legions of fans, few who are likely to be offended by anything Trey or Parker might say. For more information on how to obtain the commentaries, visit The Comedy Central website.