Who was the marketing genious who came up with that one?

Jerry Seinfeld Film Set for Release
NEW YORK (AP) – At first, Jerry Seinfeld didn’t think anyone would want to watch a movie about how he comes up with his ideas.
He’ll soon find out.
“Comedian,” scheduled for release in New York and Los Angeles on Oct. 11 and in 20 more cities two weeks later, chronicles his efforts to build an entirely new act. He was approached with the idea for the film by Christian Charles and Gary Streiner, with whom he has worked on commercials.
“I assured them that this is not a process that anyone would enjoy watching,” he told The New York Times in Sunday’s editions. “It’s very tedious and very painful and very slow. Most of the way along, I kept saying to them, ‘Do you really think this is going to be something?’ Because I was pretty convinced it wasn’t.”
He said he became convinced that “Comedian,” would be interesting to someone other than fellow comedians when he saw footage from the film about eight or nine months into the project.
Seinfeld decided to retire his old material when he returned to stand-up comedy after his hit sitcom ended. He said he knows he has nothing to prove after the wild success of “Seinfeld.”
“I’ve kind of graduated from show business,” he said. “I have no further need of this business. It’s not about money anymore, and it’s not about fame. Now, it’s just about maintaining a creative arc.”